Dr. Smith, An Ordinary Name
but Not an Ordinary Man

To pay for school, John Smith worked 36 different part-time jobs--everything from running a jackhammer on a bridge demolition to washing dishes. He says he liked them all.

Its your outlook on what youre doing. I like dentistry far better than any of the other jobs, but even when I was putting endless trays of dirty dishes through the steamy dishwasher in a busy restaurant, I enjoyed it.

Away from the office John pours himself into spending time with his wife, Jane and kids. With four children at home, family is his number one priority. He says, It doesnt matter what were doing as long as were doing it together.

He says that something most people dont know about him is that he loves to sing.

I sing my kids to sleep every night. Ill go in with the boys and ask them what they want to sing. Its one of about 10 different songs. Theyll choose and Ill sing to them.


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