Is this going to hurt??

Your comfort is our primary concern. We anesthetize the tooth in the same way your general dentist would when placing a filling. Most patients tell us that the root canal was easier than some fillings they have had in the past.

Do I need antibiotics?

It is possible that you will need antibiotics. The root canal treatment removes the source of the infection. Your body's natural imune system will usually take care of any residual bacteria. Antibiotics are prescribed for circumstances when the body needs help in this process. The doctor will make this decision after evaluating and treating the tooth.

How long will the procedure take?

The amount of time a procedure takes depends on the details of the procedure you’re having and the type of tooth involved. We estimate your time in the office to last approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Do I need to have a referral from my dentist to be seen in your office?

No, we do not require a referral from a dentist. Please call us at 520-417-0311 to set up an appointment today.