It All Starts With The Welcome

Angel, Cristina, Amber

"I Had A Feeling That Caught Me By Surprise!"

Sue and Anne sipped cappuccinos in those over-stuffed chairs at their favorite coffee shop. Sue was struggling with anxiety over needing a root canal. Anne told her there was nothing to worry about and that she should check out Sierra Vista Endodontics. So Sue called for an appointment.

“Anne,“ she said, “The woman who answered the phone said her name was Claudia. The way she talked to me, put me immediately at ease."

"It was like you said it would be.
When I arrived for my appoint-
ment they were expecting me
and it was as if they were look-
ing forward to meeting me. My
doctor was wonderful. He
seemed very concerned that he
not cause me discomfort. Every-
one and everything about the
place made me feel cared about
and cared for. When I walked
out that door, I had a feeling
that caught me by surprise…like
I didn’t want to leave."