The Dr. Tom Kramkowski Story

Imagine a small boy falling ill in the dentist’s chair. Slightly embarassed, uneasy, a bit scared and vulnerable . . . then, tended to with compassion and reassurance by his dentist, this little boy emerges confidently, sparked with an interest in dentistry and a unique vision for patient care. Introducing Dr. Tom Kramkowski, that little boy now grown up, who works as an endodontist at Sierra Vista Endodontics, to bring that same relief and comfort he experienced, to every patient who sits in his dental chair.

He says, "I have seen patients grip the armrests of the chair so tightly, I thought they would break them off, but with a little wit, gentleness, and compassion, I can usually put their mind at ease. Then with our state of the art procedures, I can provide for them a pain-free and pleasurable experience." He says with a grin, "You’re focusing on a single tooth, but you have to keep in mind that there is a patient attached to that tooth." His approach must work, since he has had patients actually fall asleep during the procedure.


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