The Dr. Jeff Keippel Story

With an exuberant passion for people, Dr. Jeff Keippel has found fulfillment in his second career: Endodontics.

While he had never considered dentistry, the sheer satisfaction his father-in-law found working as a dentist sparked this former software engineer’s curiosity. He followed this new interest by shadowing his own dentist and then actually stuck his toe in the water by spending time as a volunteer at local outreach programs. “This is what I was born to do,” Jeff realized. He decided to make the leap; he has never looked back.

“It’s a delicate work,” says Jeff. “You have patients who are very anxious and perhaps have been suffering for some time. I’m able to provide them with the pain relief that allows them to resume their normal routine…that brings me a lot of fulfillment.”

Before joining SAE, Jeff completed his specialty training in endodontics at the University of Nebraska. He and his wife, an attorney turned full-time mom, enjoy raising their three children.


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