An Interesting Snapshot of
Dr. Justin Hughes' Life

Justin Hughes didn't always consider following in his father's footsteps. A somewhat rugged individualist, he wanted to make his own way...maybe do something different than dentistry.

His search for who he would become began while he was still in high school. He tells about an adventure, an Outward Bound course that took him three weeks into the wilderness with a group of other young people.

"You're just away from civilization," he says, "You're on your own as a group. You learn teamwork and trust."

After high school, Justin went to a small college in California to major in business. But that didn't bring him to the end of his search. At one point, he even considered medicine. He says, "There wasn't this sudden realization or cataclysmic event in my life. It was a series of steps. Little by little, decisions were made. Eventually, I went to dental school. I enjoyed all aspects of dentistry, but in the end, I discovered that I enjoyed root canals the most. In addition, I realized I'd love to have the opportunity to work with my father. It was the right decision, and it's been eight years."


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