The Dr. John Hughes Story

By the time he was in his mid teens, the boy who would grow up to be Dr. John Hughes was already paying his own way.

He raised chickens, a hundred at a time. He made quite a business of mowing lawns and did his share of walking down Main Street selling newspapers. This business man began as a business boy making his own way because he really had no choice. John grew up in the home of a church starter. Being the son of a church starter doesn’t put money in your pocket, but it can build rich values in your character.

His parents were givers and the son they raised is a giver too — but also a compassionate philanthropist. He gives his money, but he also gives his time. He serves his church, helps our community and builds houses for people in Mexico even poorer than he was growing up. He says, “When I retire from dentistry I think I’m going to do more of that.”

Where dentistry is concerned, it’s been 23 years since John Hughes finished his studies at Boston University and moved his wife, Thompson, and two sons to Tucson to found Sierra Vista Endodontics.


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