A Glimpse into the life of
Dr. Dean Hauseman

We each enjoy what we do for different reasons. When it comes to his love of Endodontics, Dean Hauseman especially likes the intensity that comes from focusing on one particular tooth.

“It’s a technically demanding procedure,” Dean says. "You have to muster a continuous, focused patience. You have to think both about what you are doing and what your patient is experiencing. But when it’s over, it’s over. The reward for me is that I get to see immediate results."

"Someone comes to me in pain and, when they leave, the problem is fixed. They go out the door happy. As I watch them heading down the hall, I get this flood of fulfillment that never loses its freshness. It’s not just the work I do as an individual…it’s a team effort,” Dean says. “I’m amazed at how well organized this place is. The place really hums, and I enjoy the harmony I feel between the people who work here.”

The obvious gusto with which Dean goes about his professional life permeates his life away from the office as well.


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