Getting to Know Dr. Daniel Funk

Daniel Funk walks into work every day on a mission to provide care, compassion and service to people in pain. Always on his mind is a quiet concern over how his patients are feeling.

“I try to put myself in people’s shoes to see how I can help them,” he says. “The patients are the reason we’re here. They trust us. That’s an awesome responsibility and something I don’t take lightly.”

Daniel’s professional attitude is simply an extension of his personal values. As a devout Christian, Daniel’s life is wholly focused on what matters most to him- loving others through service - a quality he demonstrates both at, and away from work.

“What do I do when I’m not working? For now, I change diapers,” he says, laughing with an affectionate softness in his voice. Daniel concentrates his free time sharing life with his wife, Kara, and parenting their four small children, ages two months to six years.

In early 2007, Daniel moved his family to Tucson from Spokane, Washington to work for John Hughes - the man he credits with inspiring him to switch careers from engineering to Endodontics.

“People come here in a lot of pain. In a fairly short time I can have them feeling a whole lot better. That’s what I like most about endodontics.”

Getting to Know Dr. Daniel Funk
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