A story About Dr. Chris Douville

Five summers doing volunteer dentistry in villages of the Dominican Republic helped shape Chris Douville into the person he is today. Ask him to describe himself in three words, and he’ll say he’s approachable, easygoing and, most importantly…a committed dentist.

“I love to help people with a failing tooth…to save it…so they can keep it for a long time. That’s why I decided to become an Endodontist.” “Some people love to multi task. Some people just aren’t put together that way. Chris says that he likes doing one thing at a time and doing it well. “If I’m working on your tooth, you and your tooth have my undivided attention.

I’m just as focused when I’m doing one of my hobbies. For one thing, I like to hike. If we are hiking together in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness, something I’ve enjoyed on occasion, you and that hike will occupy my total awareness.

Another thing I love to pour myself into is the verse of Shakespeare. Not many people know that about me. I enjoy the way he weaves together his thoughts about life. I’ve seen a lot of his plays and I think I’ve read all of them.”

Perhaps working in a place like the Dominican Republic is what made Chris learn to focus. Perhaps it’s just the way he’s wired. But the kind of man and dentist he is, contributes to the multi-dimensional excellence you will find everywhere you look when you visit Sierra Vista Endodontics.

Story About Dr. Chris
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