A few Notables about
Dr. Dave Burros

Dave Burros never dreamed his career could be so much fun. After sixteen years and thousands of root canals, he still can’t wait to tell you how much he loves his job. That’s especially so when he gets to work on “unusual” or “difficult” cases. One in particular stands out in his mind.

“I did a root canal on a polar bear on May 27, 2005 (view here).

Dave talks about the experience as if it happened only hours ago. As life often goes, Dave was in the right place at the right time when the opportunity to work on this unusual patient came along. A zookeeper at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo asked Dave, two other dentists, and a veterinarian to help him with a “special case”. The zoo’s polar bear had a chipped tooth that was turning black. So, on Memorial Day weekend with a 690-pound bear under anesthesia, Dave and his friend, an oral surgeon, set out to save that tooth.

“It was one of the neatest things I’ve ever done,” Dave says. “We were really freaked out about the possibility that she might wake up.” If she had, Dave would probably have said something funny…and she would have laughed herself back to sleep (view here).


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